Thermo Fisher Scientific Breakfast Session: Next Generation Immunoassays:  How career development in academia is fueling innovation in industry

Thursday 9/22/2022 | 07:15 AM – 08:15 AM  HST| Kona Ballroom and Virtual Platform
Speaker: Stefan Jellbauer, PhD, Product Manager, QuantiGene gene expression assays and Luminex instruments, Thermo Fisher Scientific, (United States)



In this breakfast symposium, Global Product Manager, Stefan Jellbauer, Ph.D., Thermo Fisher Scientific  will share how we are leveraging academic expertise in the development of Next-generation Immunoassays for Biomarker detection and quantification.

The discussion will highlight how we are generating innovative technologies by focusing on career advancement of thought leading scientists into industry.  As a former academic Post-doc, Stefan will offer insights into alternative career paths for bench scientists in industry and showcase how development and commercialization of cutting edge technology, including next generation immunoassays is dependent on recruitment and advancement of talent from academia. 

Join us for an interactive session and an open forum to discuss new technology development and commercialization and how that translates to career options for scientists in Industry!