For On-Demand access click here: then login with your email address that you used to register for the meeting. Do not click the button to register, use the Login button upper right. If you need an access code, please contact Joan Oefner.

Most presentations will be removed after 20 October. Please note that some presenters did give permission to include their presentations for on-demand but the majority have. Posters are also still available, so the poster sessions are NOT over.

Meeting Statistics as of Closing Session:

• 1030 total attendees from 37 countries
• 770 in-person; 260 virtual
• 68 Invited Speakers: 55 in-person; 13 virtual
• 477 Abstracts: 360 Cytokines 2022; 117 ILC4
• 352 unique visitors to the virtual platform (this will continue to grow); 11,060 content views, with 262 spending over 2 hours on the platform

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