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Cytokines 2022 will be held at the Hilton Waikoloa Village on the Big Island of Hawaii, USA with space for 600-800 participants, and online via the virtual meeting platform (LabRoots) from Tuesday 20 through Friday 23 September 2022. The Virtual Meeting content (which will include both live and pre-recorded presentations with live discussions), will be available on-demand following the livestreamed sessions, for three weeks, with some sessions, such as Industry Sessions and Educational Sessions, available for 12 months following the live event.

Participants will share unpublished data, encouraging discussions regarding breakthroughs and insights into how cytokines and interferons regulate immunity, inflammation, metabolism, and cancer. Greater understanding of mechanisms of disease and novel concepts for therapy have and will continue to emerge from multidisciplinary gatherings where advances can be presented and discussed by established and trainee scientists. It is our hope that attendees will gain a deeper understanding of how cytokines network together to maintain health and gain an appreciation for the many potential strategies for targeting the network to create better drugs. The meeting will provide an outstanding forum for investigators in basic science and clinical research to present their most recent findings on the role of cytokines (including interferons, chemokines, and various pro-inflammatory/anti-inflammatory factors) in infection, cancer, allergy and autoimmunity, as well as in various other inflammatory and immune diseases. The meeting will also provide an opportunity for updates on the development of novel therapeutic interventions in these fields and help spur international collaborations among the meeting participants. Although meeting participants will have primary interests in infectious diseases, cancer and immune-mediated diseases, the program integrates speakers on the periphery of Cytokine or Interferon research to help bridge these disciplines. This multi-disciplinary environment is particularly interesting for early career researchers who are focussed on their own particular research, but are beginning to think about the wider implications of their work. The annual meeting for the International Cytokine & Interferon Society always attracts some of the leading international immunologists and blends discovery science with translational investigations (often with industrial partners) and experimental medicine approaches.
Online presentations will be intertwined with physical presentations and sessions including virtual interactions, live commentaries, online & video chat forums, webcast video presentations and opportunities for individual discussion.

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The theme of the meeting is 


Cytokines as central regulator of host physiology and inflammation/ as mediator of crosstalk with non-immune system. This meeting annually attracts 700-1,000 of the world’s leading experts in immunology, rheumatology, infectious disease, cancer and inflammation and covers fundamental, translational and clinical, cutting-edge updates on cytokine-based therapeutics and immune-modifying biologics to treat cancer, autoimmunity, infectious disease (including COVID-19), and vaccine applications. Many of the major advances in cytokine biology were first reported at this annual conference, and we very much look forward to continuing this strong tradition next year in Hawaii.

Joint Welcome Reception on the Lagoon Lanai, adjacent to the Grand Ballroom Foyer
Joint Final Night Networking Dinner Event on the Ocean View Terrace Lawn
Tabletop Exhibits in the spacious, light and airy Grand Ballroom Foyer
Ocean View Terrace Lawn joint final night networking event dinner will close the meetings