Abstract Submission is now closed. Notification to Late Breaking Abstract Submissions going out soon.

Join over 1,000 international researchers in discussions regarding breakthroughs and insights into how cytokines and interferons regulate immunity, inflammation, metabolism, infection and cancer. Delegates who would like to present their work as an  iPoster presentation (which includes an embedded Lightning Talk), AND an in-person Poster for those who will be in Hawaii, may submit a late breaking abstract until Friday 22 July 2022, 23:59 CEST.

Accepted abstracts will be available on the Cytokines 2022 and ILC4 Meeting websites, one month prior to the meeting and will be available in the Virtual Meeting Platform/Meeting app. The iPoster abstracts will receive a DOI number and be indexed by CrossRef. 

Virtual iPoster Presentation Days and Times: 
The iPoster Virtual Sessions will kick off the science in the week before participants start their meeting travel as follows:
  • Wednesday, 14 Sept, 2022, 14:00-15:30 HST (better suited for US and Asian Participants)
  • Thursday, 15 Sept, 2022, 8:00-9:30 HST (better suited for US and European participants)

In-Person Poster Presentations: 

In-person Poster Sessions will be using the traditional boards and each presenter will be assigned a poster in their session for the full 90 minutes. The in-person poster presenters will also be required to submit their poster through the iPoster platform so they are accessible to our virtual participants (which can either be a pdf upload or using the iPoster templates for more in-depth information). Our interactive iPoster platform will make it easy for authors to create presentations that bring their research to life – whether presented virtually online or live onsite in Hawaii, including:

  • Schedule video chat room discussions at multiple times and dates.
  • Unlimited text and multimedia content.
  • Upload high resolution images, high definition videos, and GIF’s.
  • Audio tools for adding oral presentations and other sound files.
  • Add simulations, visualizations, and sonifications.
  • Include links to external websites for viewing original source materials and other contextual content and other dynamic content. 

Abstract Presenters Registration

All presenters of an accepted abstract must be registered for the meeting in order to participate. 

Late breaking abstracts may be submitted under the following topic areas:

Cytokines 2022 – Topics

    1. Cytokine induction/production
    2. Cytokine signaling induction, attenuation and silencing
    3. Cytokines and macrophages/myeloid cells
    4. Cytokines and dendritic cells
    5. Cytokines and metabolism
    6. Cytokine storm/inflammation
    7. Microbiome function and intestinal barrier
    8.  Host defense against infections
    9. Regulation of host physiology and pathology
    10. Autoimmunity
    11. Cytokine-related interventions/therapies
    12. Other

ILC4 – Topics

  1. ILC Development and Trajectories
  2. ILC Tissue Niches
  3. ILC1s and NK cells
  4. ILC2s
  5. ILC3s
  6. Central and Peripheral Nervous System and ILCs
  7. ILCs and Metabolism
  8. ILCs and Cancer
  9. ILCs and Inflammatory Diseases
  10. Human ILCs
  11. ILCs as Therapeutics

ICIS Student/Postdoc Member Travel Awards

ICIS Student/Postdoc Members who are first authors of submitting abstracts may apply for travel awards to cover part of their travel expenses, or abstract awards to cover the virtual registration fees for those participating virtually. Click here for list of 96 – 2022 ICIS Student/Postdoc Member Travel Award recipients:

ILC4 Student/Postdoc Travel Awards

9 May, 2022 was the deadline for students and postdocs who may or may not be ICIS members, to apply for ILC4  Student/Postdoc Travel Awards. The ILC4 Student/Postdoc Travel Awards are sponsored by a grant from Sandler Asthma Basic Research Center (SABRE Center) at UCSF, USA. Click here for a list of 44 – ILC4 Travel Award recipients:


ICIS-Pfizer Junior Investigator Award Winners for Most Promising Research Presentations at the Cytokines Annual Meeting

ICIS Student/Postdoc Member presenters at the Cytokines 2022 & ILC 2022 Joint Hybrid Meeting are also eligible for the ICIS-Pfizer Junior Investigator Awards. Up to four (4) trainees with the highest scoring abstracts as per the scientific review committee, will be awarded $1,250 each and will be invited to give an oral presentation or lightning talk at Cytokines 2022 Hybrid Joint ILC4 Meeting, recognized as an ICIS- Pfizer Junior Investigator Awards Presentation, in the most appropriate session based on topic. MORE DETAILS

Awards are merit or need based, they are not guaranteed, nor will more than one award be granted per individual. 

Abstracts will be accepted as Oral Presentations in specific Symposium Sessions, Podium Lightning Talks or Poster/iPosters (which include embedded Lightning Talks). The in-person poster sessions will be using traditional poster boards, but a few large touchscreens will be available for in-person viewing of the posters on the ipostersessions.com platform which makes it easy to create interactive poster presentations that attract, engage & inform. Authors can present as much content as they need. Visitors can explore the content as deeply as they wish. Display high-resolution images, videos & animations, voice-over narrations and lightning talks.