Cytokines 2022 Hybrid 10th Annual Meeting of the International Cytokine & Interferon Society

Young Investigators Careers in Academia Panel Discussion Lunch

Panel From Left, Bana Jabri, You-Me Kim, Ludmila Prokunina-Olsson, Rune Hartmann & Phil Hasbro. Faciitators Elia Tait Wojno & Ruby Dawson
Sponsored in party by a generous grant fro Burroughs Wellcome Fund

Young Investigators Careers in Academia Panel Discussion Lunch – Thursday 22 September, 12:30 – 13:45 (Lunch Buffet) in the Water’s Edge Ballroom

This event has been planned by the ICIS ECR Committee for all Students and Postdocs attending the meeting in-person. Please register in advance (no extra fee but must be registered by September 10th so we can reserve appropriately).  Please register ONLY if you are sure you will participate so as not to take a seat away from another interested student or postdoc. Please use the online registration form:


This Young Investigators Careers in Academia Panel Discussion Lunch is organized by the ICIS-ECR (Early Career Researchers) Committee for junior scientists, students and postdocs and aims to showcase a range of Academic career pathways, insights and advice. The event will consist of a panel discussion from a range of Academics selected from around the world, held over lunch. Discussion will be led by moderators from the ECR committee: Adriana Forero, Juan Mendoza, Justina Kulikauskaite and Ruby Dawson. The audience will be encouraged to ask questions to the panel about their personal career path as well as their thoughts on the challenges and future of academia who will offer valuable life advice which may affect participants’ future scientific careers.

Academics from around the world, as well as an NIH scientist, will participate on the panel to share their various perspectives.

Panel Members:

  • Phil Hansbro – Australia
  • Rune Hartmann- UK & Europe
  • Bana Jabri, USA
  • You-Me Kim – Korea
  • Ludmila Prokunina-Olsson – NIH, USA
  • Akihiko Yoshimura – Japan

Philip Hansbro obtained his PhD from the University of Leeds, United Kingdom before heading to Australia, where he is a professor at the University of Newcastle and a director of the Centenary UTS Centre for Inflammation. He is one of the leading respiratory researchers in the world, and recently Dr. Hansbro has established a new COVID-19 laboratory with the aim to develop treatments for “inflammatory storm”.

Rune Hartmann obtained his PhD from Aarhus University, Denmark, followed by postdoctoral training in the US, and finally returning to work for his Alma Mater as a professor. By combining several disciplines of structural biology, biochemistry, and genetics, Dr. Hartmann’s lab focuses on interferons and interferon stimulated genes, and studies how viruses are recognized by the host immune system. Dr. Hartmann has been an ICIS member since his graduate studies.

Bana Jabri was born in Syria and educated in France where she obtained her Doctor of Medicine from the Pasteur Institute and a PhD from Paris Diderot University. Currently, she is a Professor at the University of Chicago. Dr. Jabri is one of the world’s leading researchers of celiac disease, and her lab focuses on the interplay between the immune system and mucosal surfaces.

You-Me Kim obtained her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Seoul National University, a PhD from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. Currently, she is an Associate Professor at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, where her lab focuses on sensing via Toll-like receptors (TLRs) as well as the interplay between the gut microbiota and host immunity. Dr. Kim is an ICIS elected Council member and will be chairing Cytokines 2024 in Seoul.

Ludmila Prokunina-Olsson received her Master’s degree from Moscow State University, Russia, and a Ph.D. from Uppsala University, Sweden. Currently, Dr. Prokunina-Olsson is a senior investigator and chief of the laboratory of translational genomics, at the National Cancer Institute (NCI), National Institutes of Health (NIH). Dr. Prokunina-Olsson’s lab researches the association between genetic susceptibility variants and cancer, and in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, has shown the role of genetic factors of OAS1 in the disease severity. Dr. Prokunina-Olsson is co-chair of Interferon Lambda 2022 Satellite Meeting following Cytokines 2022 and has been chosen to receive the 2022 ICIS Mentorship Award.

Akihiko Yoshimura obtained his PhD from Kyoto University, and currently is a Professor at Keio University in Tokyo. Dr.Yoshimura is this year’s ICIS-Pfizer Award winner for Excellence in Cytokine & Interferon Research, recognizing his extensive work on the regulation of signal transduction in cytokine receptors.Please register in advance (no extra fee but must be registered by September 8th so we can reserve appropriately)

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